Private Flight  - Sultan Balloons is only for you, along with your family, friends or beloved one!

Our pilot and ground teams, along with hot air balloons with a capacity for 3-12 paxes will be at your disposal for an unprecedented flight experience. You will have unforgettable flight experience of Cappadocia VIP Balloon Flight.

Cappadocia VIP Balloon Flight is an ideal option for anniversaries, special days or a unique memory for you and your guests only. Special treatments and arrangements (i.e. cake, champagne etc.) are available upon request.

*Extra services are chargeable.

  • Flights can be called off with no deduction of payment until 48 hours in advance of the prospective flight.
  • Clients are fully refunded for flights called off due to unfavourable weather conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our clients that do not have a hotel/hostel booking should e-mail to before their departure flight date and provide us with hotel/hostel details.


Balloon Flights with Sultan Balloons, We do start early, but a balloon flight with Sultan Balloons in Cappadocia is worth waking up before dawn. Set your alarm to be ready for about 5.30 am and the arrival of the Sultan Balloons mini-bus. Once at the balloon launch site, our staff will greet you with hot drinks and snacks.

You may want to bring a light jacket, as it is often fairly cool before the sun rises fully. You will be able to watch our pilots and crew inflating the balloons and preparing for take-off. When you are comfortably in the basket, your pilot will give a full flight safety briefing, explaining the landing procedures. Weather is normally very calm in this region but we always prepare passengers on safe landing positions. Cappadocia has one of the most famous and photographed landscapes in the world. Wind and water have eroded the soft volcanic rock of the region into the fantastic valleys, formations and columns of stone known as 'fairy chimneys'. From the air, the view is matchless, revealing itself as your balloon ascends to up to approximately 2000 feet.

The joy of ballooning is that no flight is ever the same. There is limited steerage with a hot air balloon - it can only go where the wind takes it - and this makes each balloon flight an adventure. Your itinerary is shaped by the wind flow, ensuring that your experience is unprecedented and never replicated. After approximately one hour your pilot will determine a suitable landing site - one with easy access for the crew and your minibus. The pilot will remind you of the landing procedure, and then bring the balloon back down to earth, gently...

After landing, we will join together in a celebratory glass of local champagne coctail , the balloonists’ favourite drink!.